Not surprisingly, since we first announced that we were developing our technology to enable us to deliver on-line QCF Qualifications earlier this year, we have had a steady stream of enquiries from customers wanting updates on when it will be available.

Well, as the images below will demonstrate, we have been busy scoping and developing a product which we feel will deliver a solution that will far exceed even our initial expectations.

From the outset, we were keen to develop a solution that would ultimately help deliver a wide range of QCF qualifications, combining the very best e-learning, e-assessment and e-support and administration. Whilst we planned to initially concentrate on developing a system that was capable of delivering knowledge only qualifications, the bigger challenge was how we build a platform which would allow us to extend this to include alternative forms of assessment such as observations and witness statements. The inclusion of multiple assessment methods will enable us to ensure the system supports a wider range of online QCF qualifications. Working closely with our partner Skillsfirst, we intend to address this issue over the coming weeks and months to ensure we deliver an exceptional product.

In the short term (as the images below will demonstrate), we are getting very close to launching our first QCF qualification,”Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care” details of which can be found on the Skillsfirst website or by downloading our PDF guide.

Sneak Preview

  1. After logging onto Care Academy learner selects link to qualification
  2. Learner is presented with links to individual units which make up the qualification.
  3. After selecting a unit, learner can choose to complete unit assessment or alternatively access e-learning content via the Resources link.
  4. If the assessment is selected, learner is provided with access to questions, details of previous attempts, scores and directions to e-learning material specific to incorrect answers.
    assessment feedback

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