Oldpeoplewalking_2 A national action plan, promising an extra £3 million pounds a year has been launched to improve services for the terminally ill. This action plan follows a report in August by Audit Scotland which found inconsistencies in the way ‘palliative care’ is provided.

The plan, which includes 24-hour community nursing and home care services to enable dying patients to be cared for at home and a national plan focusing on education and training for health and social care staff are just part of the proposed action plan.

The Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon said:

"People with any advanced, progressive or incurable illness should receive the best palliative care available, regardless of their diagnosis or where they live."

"Our goal is excellent quality, integrated care – planned and delivered in ways which take full account of the needs and wishes of patients, families and carers."

Dr David Oxenham, The medical director for Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice in Edinburgh, said:

"We particularly welcome the commitment to providing access for patients to 24-hour community nursing and home care services, which would allow them to be cared for at home if they wish."