MacIntyre is a charity set up more than 40 years ago to provide education and care for children and adults with learning disabilities. They have recently begun to offer e-learning as a popular alternative to traditional class room learning.

MacIntyre, who pride themselves on having successfully provided in-house training for many years have now launched their own eLDQ programme, which highlights the huge advantages of E-learning:

Convenience: Traditional offline training normally means employees need to collectively leave the workplace; this is not the case for e-learning.

Cost: E-learning is much more cost effective as learning can be done one candidate at a time.

Time: E-learning allows you to undertake your training whenever and wherever you want.

Here at Care Academy, we also offer an eLDQ solution and are very happy to see an increase in companies recognising these advantages and hope to see a rise in the number of care organisations like MacIntyre introducing e-learning into their training.

Care Academy is the market-leading e-learning solution with more than 8,000 registered users completing in excess of 300,000 learning activities and assessments, from a number of organisations including CIC, Manpower, Care@, BS Social Care and Henshaws Society for Blind People. For more information on Care Academy visit the website or call us on 0330 995 0840.