Since announcing the launch of our online LDQ-IA we have been inundated with requests for further information.

We have spoken to organisations the length and breadth of the country and it seems many of you are experiencing the same type of problems.

In fact, we were so surprised at the initial response, we thought it might be useful to compile a list of the most common issues and explain how our online LDQ-IA might help address them. So in order of frequency, the most common problems are:

Problem 1: Availability
Their appears to be a general lack of qualified, local training providers prepared to offer LDQ-IA course with some regions suffering an acute shortage of options.

Solution: Care Academy is available nationwide. Care Organisations only need to deal with one supplier to provide training to all their service centres.

Problem No 2: Lack of flexibility
Many training providers need to enrol minimum numbers of students before they can hold a training day. Ultimately this causes delays, logistical headaches and the usual cost associated with facilitating and covering staff training days.

Solution: Care Academy is available online 24/7 which means staff can start and complete their LDQ-IA immediately with no minimum numbers required.

Problem No 3: Lack of consistent pricing
Fluctuations in price are evident on both a region to region and supplier to supplier basis.

Solution: Care Academy offers a single, nationwide cost-effective price of £275.00 +VAT per person.

Problem 4: Lack of consistency
Many organisations expressed concerns regarding the quality and consistency of current LDQ-IA provision with significant differences apparent when using multiple training providers.

Solution: Care Academy delivers a consistent, high-quality learning experience with detailed tracking and reporting facilities which has been acknowledged by CSCI as being extremely thorough and very effective.

If you would like to find out more about how Care Academy can help you meet your training and compliance requirements, visit the website or contact us on 0330 995 0840.