One of the questions asked about Care-Academy is regarding access to PC's.  So I read the following with interest:

The social care workforce is ready to use more web-based methods of learning, according to Ipsos MORI research commissioned by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

The interesting thing about this research is it tears through the misconception that Carers and their organisations are not ready for e-Learning.  With 68% of Carers reporting that they have access to a PC at work, and 81% access at home, e-Learning should really be considered as a training solution more than it is.

Of course, there will still be many Care Organisations outside this research that do not have sufficient access to allow training.  As a result we have been working on an IT package to supply a PC / Laptop, broadband access and IT support to those homes who wish to move forward with Care-Academy.  This process has been far more complicated and time consuming than I expected, but we are close to confirming this offering.  Please let me know what you would like to see from this service.