Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a perfect world where:

  • Your highly motivated staff are trained and qualified to a very high standard.
  • You’ve effortlessly breezed through all your Care Certificate training obligations.
  • You’re winning lucrative new contracts because you’ve got a team in place with specialist skills.
  • You’ve achieved all the above with a miniscule training budget.

It’s not pie in the sky!

The Care Academy has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours to achieve everything outlined above.

  • If you offer courses at Diploma Qualification level, you could be eligible for up to £800 per learner from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF).
  • Our system was designed to accommodate shift patterns and out of hours learning. We make it simple, effective and very affordable.
  • We offer an innovative way to help you obtain Care Certificate compliance and offer your key people viable career development opportunities.

Read our success stories

We’re proud of the way our e-learning solutions have made a dramatic difference to the success of so many small businesses in the health and social care sector.

We’ve compiled some case studies that illustrate how working with the Care Academy has added real value.

Read them and judge for yourself