Care Certificate Observation Toolkit now available

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Care certificate iconCare Academy online Observation Toolkit has been developed to enable care providers to schedule, record and report on all of the key 'competency observations' required to successfully deliver the new Care Certificate.

Skills for Care readily acknowledge that the requirement to conduct and record high quality 'competency observations' is a key area of concern for many care providers. For many managers, charged with the responsibility for carrying out detailed observations - this is the tool they have been waiting for!

The Observation Toolkit has been developed specifically for the Care Certificate with input from experienced assessors and provides detailed guidance for both managers and employees on how to conduct and record high quality observations. The toolkit will ensure care providers deliver consistent observations, which are recorded along with detailed evidence notes to ensure compliance with the Care Certificate Observation Assessment Framework.

How to find out more?

As part of our ongoing roll-out plan we recently provided a live webinar session to some of our clients, a recording of which can be viewed online - click to watch observation toolkit webinar

The Observation Toolkit forms part of a suite of enhancements designed to help care providers deliver the Care Certificate including content mapping, higher demand assessments, self-assessments to name just a few - you can read more about our development plans in a previous post.

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